Monday, January 31, 2005

So the verdict was

I voiced my opinion (referring to my last post), to those in charge. It was explained to me that they were sending out the best men to do the job, since there was a visitor coming to oversee everything, and to make certain all was well.
While they were out, they got in accidents. One vehicle jack-knifed and one vehicle ended up in a turtle ditch with trailer, and ended up having to stay overnight on a dog and goat farm, until the wrecker could get there to remove said equipment from the turtle ditch.
No one was hurt in the accidents. It's just that no one was expecting snow in Korea and they had no snow chains in the vehicles. (No one expected snow. In Korea)
Meanwhile, the Commander (who shall remain nameless) shows up at the scene, and her driver slides on the same icy patch that caused the accident and knocks the vehicles further into the turtle ditch.
Way to go.

So he got to come home for a day to change clothes and is gone again.


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