Sunday, February 06, 2005

I saw him dancing but I couldn't hear his music

As I've stated before, I've become quite melancholy. Perhaps it's the thought of moving yet again, perhaps it's the stresses of late, perhaps not. I don't know.

He decided to put in his package for Warrant Officer, which meant 9 weeks of Warrant Officer Candidate School, in Alabama for him (Utah, for me), then 5 months in Georgia for Warrant Officer Basic Course, then I don't know where...
But does this mean that since he's decided to become a Warrant Officer, that I have to become Proper? You know, the image of a Warrant Officer's wife?
That could take some time.

On other news:
We've had demonstrations at post, then last night we got a call saying;
"Real Terrorist Activity
Actual incendiary Devices were found at a Korean Catholic Church
Do not go to services off post, or other crowded areas"
No other information was given, but the call out roster was activated and we're on alert.
Korean Police have been tripled at the gates, but I can't find anything about it in the news.
Being on alert means no going to crowded places, like markets, shopping, pubs, etc.

Gods, no wonder I'm melancholy. I've had to clean my gas mask.


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