Wednesday, February 16, 2005

it's been a bit drafty in here

So, I've been a tiny bit busy of late. What with organising the apartment for the move, the FRG, catching a cold, having my doctor that I've no business in Korea (and he's the one that took me as a private patient 5 months ago), getting ration cards, and getting ready for yet another field exercise.
I do so hate moving when it comes to the military. There is no such thing as 'ours'. Everything is separated into three rooms: his, mine, and military business. That is, when it's an "unaccompanied tour". Otherwise it's separated into household goods, his, and military business. It's like I'm a freaking hand receipt or something.

I have four appointments today, and I'm certain none of them will appreciate me showing up with a head cold. Ah well. Got to get things taken care of.
Crap, plus I have language classes today too. almost forgot.

Frazzled to the end.


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